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Stop Tauzin-Dingell!!
  This proposed bill returns Feb 27th for a vote in Congress. We've stopped it so far, but we will need your help to stop it again.
1. Use the form below to send a letter to your representatives to save broadband competition. For key talking points, click here.
2. Include subject line: Please vote AGAINST HR 1542!
3. To send the same email to all your reps, use the link titled: Compose Your Own Message
  Learn More The Tauzin-Dingell bill is dangerous legislation that could end competition, not encourage it.
  Why are they going to allow the Bells to leverage their old, slow local phone monopoly into control of the high-speed broadband telecommunications future? Read Tech Central Station article
Fight Back
1. Phone Bill Audits - Do you qualify for refund?
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Competitive Providers: Fight back!
  Urgent! ISPs need to file comments with FCC regarding DSL issues. Deadline is March 1, 2002. Your survival is at stake! Instructions and details here. (coming soon)
  Did you read the story in ISP News? Patricia Fusco calls ISPs to action.
  ISP Toolkit: prepackaged goodwill campaigns for your customers to support the Broadband Bill of Rights. (coming soon!)
Special New Jersey Campaign
Send Us Your Phonebills --- TeleTruth is making a difference in the Garden state.
File a Phone Service Complaint

Complaint Toolkit: a step-by-step guide to the process

Guide to speaking with the Phone Company
File a complaint with Government agencies:

Sample letter to Public Utility Commissions

State Public Utility Commissions (by state)

Sample letter to FCC

  Broadband Bill of Rights
  Demand choice, quality service and innovation. Sign the petition and stand up for your broadband rights.
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