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New Jersey Actions
Stop Verizon from Entering Long Distance In New Jersey.

Verizon New Jersey has applied to enter the long distance market in New Jersey. This would be a very bad action that costs you money -- and it should be stopped. More...

Why? 5 Reasons:
1. There is NO competition and the Networks are not Open. Without competition you can not have lower prices.
2. They charged you for a fiber-optic network you never got.
3. Flawed "TRAC" Report by Bell Companies about Long Distance
4. 50% of all New Jersey bills have problems.
5. You're owed $200+ -In New Jersey you still pay for Touchtone Service --- which cost 0 to offer. Read more....
Take Action

Send Us Your Phonebills -- NJ Only!

  We need your phonebill as evidence against the Bell companies. You may also be entitled to a refund today.
2. Tell the FCC to NOT let Verizon into Long Distance.

Sample letter to the FCC

3. Talk to others with similar problems
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4. Join TeleTruth
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  Press Release --"Send Us Your Phonebill" Campaign announced, January 29th, 2002
  FCC Complaint:TeleTruth files a complaint with the FCC --New Jersey customer phone bills have mistakes ----January 14th, 2002.
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