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  Reasons Against H.R. 1542
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  The Tauzin Dingell bill, which would eliminate key consumer protections in telecommunications and kill competition, is scheduled for a floor vote on February 27, 2002 in the House of Representatives. Please write to your Representative to Oppose H.R. 1542!! And let your Senators know how you feel as well, in case this passes in the House.
  Here are some key reasons why to vote NO on H.R. 1542:
  H R. 1542 will not promote competition.
The Bells sat on DSL technology for years, deploying it widely only after competition developed. This bill eliminates those competitors -- customer choice will be limited to cable or phone company for Internet access.
  H.R. 1542 does not ensure that broadband services will be available in rural communities.

There is nothing in the bill that would require the Bells to deploy broadband service in rural areas. In fact, the Bells have been selling off their rural assets as fast as possible in recent years.

  The Bells can't be trusted to offer broadband service if the current restrictions are lifted.

In the 1990s the Bells promised to deploy high-speed fiber optic networks in exchange for relaxed rate-of-return regulation. But instead of delivering on those promises, they pocketed the profits. Fool us again? Shame on us.

  H.R. 1542 will make it more difficult to bridge the digital divide.

With less competition, the cost of Internet access will increase, making the service even less affordable to low-income consumers.

  H.R. 1542 will undercut efforts to address consumer complaints about declining service quality.

According to the National Association of Utility Regulatory Commissioners (NARUC), H.R. 1542 could also lead to additional litigation over state jurisdiction.

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