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Teletruth is registered as a for-profit company.However, we lose money because our expenses to 'do the right thing' are way more than what we bring in, even though many things are 'donated' to the cause, such as our web site, by

However, the real question is --- Who is defending your broadband and phone bill rights? Who's working on your behalf to stop the phone and cable companies from essentially stealing your digital future? In the last three years we filed over a dozen documents at the FCC, including the first Data Quality Act complaint, lobbied Congress to pass the "Broadband Bill of Rights" to protect customers and competitors, are we have raised hell about the astroturf groups, the rights of municipalities, phone bill taxes and surcharges, or the outright broadband scandals that cost you money.

Think there's another group doing a better job? Give them your money -- or help us, please. We need to go to Washington and make your case, and continue the work. So, if can, help out.

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