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  Where to lodge a Gov't complaint
see also   Complaint Overview Step 1: Speak to Phone Co Step Two: Gov't Complaint
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The Complaint Process: Actions You Can Take.
1. Public Service Commission/Public Utilities Commission
Filing a complaint in most states is simple and can be done through the Public Service Commission's web site. TeleTruth provides an alphabetical listing of State Commissions.
  Sample Letter
2. Federal Communication Commission
FCC Complaint Center:
  Sample FCC Letter

The FCC's Complaint Center Requires the following in a letter:

  • Your name, address and the telephone number or numbers involved with your complaint;
  • A telephone number where you can be reached during the business day;
  • The name of the local telephone company; (if telephone related)
  • Specific information about your complaint, including the names of all companies involved with your complain;
  • Names and telephone numbers of the company representatives that you contacted, the dates that you spoke with these representatives, and any other information that would help process your complaint;
  • Indicate the relief that you are requesting, such as a credit or refund;
  • Include a copy of the bill(s) listing the disputed charges; and
  • Calls placed from a telephone location, such as a hotel, motel, convenience store, airport, etc., you should include: the name of the Operator Service Provider providing long distance service for that telephone; the name, address and telephone number for the hotel, convenience store or entity where the telephone is located; and the number on the telephone, and the telephone vendor (if identified on the telephone).

If you have already taken the time to write down your problems as we suggested in Stage One, then you should include that with whatever you file. As you will see, it is also required in virtually all state complaint forms.

3. Other Steps and Tactics:
  Call A Lawyer Depending on the case, a lawyer may be needed to help to settle the issue. Make sure you find a lawyer with Telecom expertise.
  Tell The Phone Company You Intend To File A Complaint. Tell the phone company that you know all about filing a complaint with the (FCC for interstate, PSC for local) from Teletruth. Just by saying this you will at least be taken a bit more seriously.

Tell The Press Your Story… And Tell The Phone Company You Are Intending To Do This. Of course you should tell it in the TeleTruth War Room, but, depending on how absurd the story is, the more the media might want to cover it.

Case in point --- a woman called that her phone number had been given to someone else, and her father had a heart attack and the other person didn't call her to tell her. ---even though she had called the phone company and got totally ignored.- She had it on the consumer shows and the next day she had her old number back.

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