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Teletruth, established in 2002, has been an amazing experiment in customer advocacy and there is no other group that has dedicated its focus to representing the rights of all telecom and broadband customers.

We are national in scope and independent of any funding group, political party or phone company. We are for-profit, because the non-profit status no longer indicates any independence or even working in the public interest. As we pointed out, the phone companies now own more co-opted or astroturf non-profits than any group in America. And all money into Teletruth is spent for 'the cause'.

We use the word "Customer" because we represent both residential and small businesses, as well as any other company or individual that uses the phone, wireless or broadband/data networks.

Many of the Teletruth Board of Advisors are recognized industry experts that are active and work together on projects. Working on this proposed project will be Bruce Kushnick, Chairman, Teletruth and Executive Director of New Networks Institute, a market research firm that was established in 1992, and Tom Allibone, President of LTC Consulting, a phonebill auditing firm, that was established in 1989.

Other Teletruth Board members include Robert Garnet, a Fellow in Economics at Johns Hopkins University, Bob Frankston, industry analyst and the co-creator of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet for the PC, Jerry Michalski of Sociate and former editor of the Release 1.0, Scott Mc Collough, esq., former Chief of the Public Agency Representation section of the Texas Attorney General and a former Consumer Advocate with the City of Austin Electric Utility, Joe Plotkin is broadband evangelist for and is also on Board of Directors of NYCwireless., and Marcus Lewis of the Marcus Lewis Tennis Center and

Teletruth was a member of the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee (2003-2004) and has been nationally recognized in various media. For example, our phonebill education information is being used by WABC in New York, and our board members have been quoted in Forbes, The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Fox News, USA Today, and trade press, including America's Network, Telephony and Phone+. ABC News in New York has linked directly to Teletruth for phone bill issues. And recently, Teletruth was featured on Moyers in America, a PBS special titled "Net at Risk".

Teletruth also has an ongoing series for Harvard's Nieman Watchdog project on broadband and telecommunication issues.

Teletruth's Progress Report as the a small unfunded group is unique. Working on projects as teams Teletruth has successfully helped to initiate and settle 2 class action suits against Verizon New Jersey for inoperative circuits and missing discounts, has published the much talked about $200 Billion Broadband Scandal, has filed complaints with the FCC, DOJ, and FTC outlining how the Bell mergers harmed broadband and competition, as well as wireless spectrum fraud. We have also worked to 'out' astroturf (fake) consumer groups funded by the phone companies to deceive the public on broadband and telecommunications issues.

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