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September 15, 2001




Dear FCC,

I am a customer of [name of Phone company] and I could use your help to settle a dispute. I moved into my home on July, 2001 and looked at my first bill. The company is charging me for calls at a ridiculous rate of 35 cents a minute. When I signed up I was told I would be getting a rate of 7 cents a minute.

I called the company on [month day, year] and spoke to them. They kept saying I'm responsible for the charges, even though it was not what I agreed on. I told them to recalculate my bill and send me a new one, but they keep threatening me with 'further actions'.

Here's a copy of the bill. Notice that the rate is 35 cents a minute -- instead of what I agreed to, which was 7 cents.

$175 dollars vs. $35.00. Please call the company and tell them I'm going to sue them it they keep this up. I'm willing to pay the price I agreed on.

Please call me or contact me by phone or email at [email]

Yours truly,  
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