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TeleTruth: A New Alliance for Customers' Telecom and Broadband Rights is Formed. January 29, 2002 view
"Send Us Your Phonebill" Campaign for New Jersey, Verizon Customers. January 29th, 2002 view
Phone Customers Paid in Excess of $58 Billion For Broadband Services They Never received, NNI Tells NTIA. Instead of Giving The Bells New Freedoms, NNI Calls For Investigations --- A "Broadband True-Up" and a "Total Bill Analysis" December 21, 2001 view

The Bell Companies Are Harming America's Internet & Broadband Future: National Survey of Internet Service Providers (ISP) Reveals.

December 14th, 2001 view
NNI Releases "Tauzin-Dingell Is Evil" Fact Sheets
November 20, 2001 view
NNI Files Comments with the FCC About Broadband Issues. September 24 2001 view
The Bells Caused The Current Financial Recession: The Fiber-Optic Fiasco And America's Copper Dirt Road August 2, 2001 view

The Bells Harmed The CLEC Industry: Bell Funded Study By Brooking's Crandall On CLECs Is Flawed.

August 2, 2001. view
Do Not Raise Customer Phone Rates July 1st, 2001, NNI Asks FCC--- Stop The Phonebill Shell Game.
June 29, 2001 view
Phone Customers Are Being Overcharged By Their Local Bell Monopolies About $200 Per Household Per Year. Bell Profits Violate Every State And Federal "Fair And Reasonable" Statute.
June 12, 2001 view
Rep. Billy Tauzin Should Be Recused From Regulating Telecommunications. Proposed Tauzin-Dingell Bill Is Corporate Welfare, Designed To Help Four Very Large BellPhone Companies April 23, 2001 view
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