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  Phone Bill Audit Overview
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Has your company ever had a phone bill audit? Has your phone service costs been "Optimized"? Did you know that approximately 50% of all customers have mistakes on their phonebills --- and an audit can result in sizable refunds.

A Phonebill audit is a methodical analysis of all of your phone and data services, from local and long distance charges to data services and competitor fees.It can also give you an analysis of how to save money on your current services.

TeleTruth Research & Audits is now offering Phone Bill Audits as a FREE service for those who qualify. If you're a non-profit, municipality, bank, school board, or a small business, especially with multiple locations, this audit could be worth thousands of dollars in overcharging or misapplied taxes.

TRA has agreements with a number of high-quality, expert firms, who can analyze all phone and data services throughout the entire USA --- These companies have performed audits from small businesses through Fortune 10 companies.

Services Included

This service includes a full examination of all phone and data charges, including

  • Local Phone Services
  • Long Distance Services, 800 Services
  • Cellular and Wireless Services
  • ISDN, Frame Relay, Centrex, T1, DSL/Broadband
  • Network and Backbone charges.
  • Equipment Rentals, including PBX's
The Phone Bill Audit Fee:
  • This service is free to our members. And this service is offered on a 'confidential-basis' only. Nothing about the customer will be revealed without written consent.
  • The Customer will receive 50% of all refunds/credits. (Audit refunds help to support Teletruth)
Optimization Fees

Any optimization that results in reduced monthly fees, the customer will pay 50% of the monthly savings.

  Contact Tom Allibone, Auditing Specialist,


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