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  DSL Headaches
Why is broadband so f*¢#ed up?
  The Chain of Pain - how the Bell Monopoly hold critical infrastructure hostage.
  "How the Bells Killed Our Digital Future" - by Bruce Kushnick
  Slap on the wrist - Million dollar fines that are meaningless to billion dollar monopolies.
Does the government know?
  The best case for breaking up the Bells - by Senator Hollings
  Not only do they know, there's legislation happening! Tauzin-Dingell is evil
Who is affected?
  Compeditive DSL providers (CLECs)
Fighting for Your DSL
  ISP Report by New Networks Institute
  TeleTruth in the News
Press Release
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Stop the Tauzin-Dingell Bill
  This proposed bill returns Feb 27th for a vote in Congress. We've stopped it so far, but we will need your help to stop it again.
1. Use the form below to send a letter to your representatives to save broadband competition. For key talking points, click here.
2. Include subject line: Please vote AGAINST HR 1542!
3. To send the same email to all your reps, use the link titled: Compose Your Own Message
  Learn More The Tauzin-Dingell bill is dangerous legislation that could end competition, not encourage it.
  Why are they going to allow the Bells to leverage their old, slow local phone monopoly into control of the high-speed broadband telecommunications future? Read Tech Central Station article
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