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September 15, 2001




Dear Public Service commission. ,

I am a customer of name of Phone company and I could use your help to settle a dispute. I just checked my bill and I've been paying charges I never ordered. These added charges have been on my bill for over a year. I've been charged for Inside Wire Maintainence ---- which I never ordered, and Call Forwarding, which I also never ordered. You can check the phone records to see I never used Call Forwarding.

I called the company on ____ and spoke to them. They kept saying I ordered these services, though they won't send me any proof. And they refuse to pay me back for these services.

I never ordered these services and I want my money back for over a year, as well as all the taxes I paid, and the money I lost if it was in my savings account.

I figured I was charged:

  • $2.50 per month for the inside wire maintenance $30.00
  • $3.50 for the Call Forwarding. $42.00

So, I'm owed about $72, not counting taxes. ---- 2hich could add an additional 10-20%.

They can't just put services on my bill. I admit I can't look at the bill closely… I get too confused by all of the charges. But when I saw this information from TeleTruth that 50% of all phonebills having hidden charges, I looked at my bill--- and look what I uncovered.

Here's a copy of the bill -- notice the added charges

Please call me or contact me by phone or email at [email]

Yours truly,  
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