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Legislation Updates
  Tauzin-Dingell (HR 1542)
A threat to choice in broadband. Bill is expected to reach House floor as early as Feb 27th!. Take Action . . .
Read the TeleTruth about Tauzin-Dingell
Telecommunications Fair Competition Enforcement Act of 2001
  Senator Holling's bill (S.1364) is expected to be introduced this spring. It calls for a "Structural Separation" of the Bell companies - the intent is to separate the Bell companies wholesale and retail businesses and eliminate their conflicted interest in harming competition. We call it "Divestiture II" or Breaking up the Bells.
  Read the TeleTruth about this bill and "Structural Separation"
  Read Sen. Holling's Intro to this bill -- no one says it better!
Stories you should know about
  Duane D. Freese asks: Why are they going to allow the Bells to leverage their old, slow local phone monopoly into control of the high-speed broadband telecommunications future? The 'Incredible' Bells, Tech Central Station, Feb. 19, 2002
  Karen Kornbluh, The Broadband Economy, NYTimes, OpEd, Dec 10, 2001
  FCC To Review Broadband Rules The Commission is asking the world whether or not the local phone company should be forced to provide access to independent ISPs. Your ISP cannot afford not to comment on potential new broadband rules. by Patricia Fusco ISP-Planet Managing Editor
December 13, 2001
  Competitors Rail Against SBC Abuses, INews, Nov 16, 2001
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TeleTruth Filings, Reports and Comments.
  New Networks survey of ISPs. Just released.

NNI Files Comments With NTIA - Phone customers paid in excess of $58 Billion for broadband services they never received. New Network Institute calls for investigations - A "Broadband True-Up" and a "Total Bill Analysis", December 21st, 2001


NNI Files Comments With FCC over Broadband (Section 706 of the Telecom Act.) September 24, 2001

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