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Headline Publication Date
Your Biggest Headache – E-Mail
ISPworld News February 7,2002
Truth test for Verizon Star Ledger February 1,2002
Your phone company owes you $200 (and why you won't get it)
David Coursey, AnchorDesk, ZDNet January 31, 2002
ISP Failures Put E-Mail Into Limbo,
LA Times January 31, 2002
Verizon Critics Seek Phone Bills To Study Hunterdon County Democrat January 31, 2002
The DLECs' demise
NetworkWorld January 7, 2002
As an Economic Booster, Broadband Could Redefine U.S. Telecom Law XChange Magazine January 1, 2002
Local Baby Bells blamed for broadband blues,
Infoworld December 19, 2001
Broadband: A problem without a solution? TotalTelecom, Comm. Week Int. November 12, 2001

The Bell's Role In The Current Financial Recession

Telecom Web November 9th, 2001

The "Broadband Bill of Rights" is Supported by Maryland Consumers For Competition

Maryland For Competition

October 2001


Slowdown in DSL might continue even if broadband bill passes

Bridge News August 31, 2001

Is Bay Ridge Paying Too Much for Its Telephone Network?

Bay Ridge Courier Life August 27, 2001

Rhythms NetConnections to Close, Leaving DSL Clients in the Lurch

Wall Street Journal August 13, 2001

Covad, One of the Last DSL Competitors, Blames Troubles on Bell Tactics

Wall Street Journal, (subscription required) August 9, 2001

Bell Companies Blamed for D.S.L.'s Woes

The New York Times, (registration required) August 6, 2001

Are Bells to blame for the tech crash?

Infoworld August 3, 2001

And the Winner Is?

The Net Economy June 4, 2001

Why Tauzin-Dingell Bill is Evil, Position Paper, New Networks Institute

ISP World April 26, 2001
DSL Groundswell: Winter of Discontent Could Get Ugly BroadbandWeek February 19, 2001
Verizon DSL Outages Seen In D.C. WashTech February 16, 2001
Covad Wins In Court, Announces More Losses InternetNews February 16, 2001
Pac Bell Faces Suit Over DSL Promotion San Francisco Chronicle February 9, 2001
Broadband: There's No Place Like Home MSNBC February 9, 2001
DSL Wholesaler Covad Unplugs Two 'Troubled' ISPs Newsbytes February 9, 2001
Verizon Halts DSL Sales At 53 Sites Internet News February 9, 2001
DSL Rhymes With Hell Wired News January, 29, 2001
U.S. consumer gripes about DSL service boil over Reuters/Yahoo-Finance January 25, 2001
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