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January 8th, 2003

Dear FCC,

Do Not Let Verizon New Jersey Into Long Distance Services.

I have read the material supplied by TeleTruth on the issues surrounding Verizon's application to enter Long Distance in New Jersey. And I believe that New Jersey Verizon should NOT be allowed into long distance.

1) There is still no substantial competition in this state to lower prices -- We still pay for Touchtone Service -a Service that cost nothing to offer.

2) According to TeleTruth, 50% of New Jersey phonebills have overcharges and problems and these problems are being caused by a bad ordering system (OSS). Teletruth is taking actions to document these overcharges. Why hasn't the FCC investigated these issues?

3) New Jersdey residents paid for broadband services that we never received -- and this has lead to New Jersey's profits being 250% higher than most American Businesses

4) The New Jersey phonebill states that the FCC "Mandates the FCC Subscriber Line Charge" -- this not the truth and it is a voilation of the "Truth in Billing Act."

For all of these reasons, we beleive that the FCC should NOT allow Verizon into Long Distance. Instead, the FCC should immediately open an investigation into Verizon's profits -- which are not fair nor reasonable -- and voilate both state law and the Telecom Act of 1996.

Yours truly,  
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