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November 20th 2002
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Telecom Update

Don't Be One of the DisConnected.

New proposed regulations at the FCC will block your ability to choose your own ISP and Broadband Provider. Read more

"Send Us Your Phonebill" Campaign for Verizon Customers. Read more
Verizon Goes After Telecom Activist, Teletruth Board of Advisor --- Tell Ivan Seidenberg, CEO, what you think.

Why Aren't Phone Prices Going Down?

3 FREE New Reports tell a tale of Customer Overcharging.

Teletruth filed on November 4th, 2002 in this open Docket --- "The Biennial Review" --- As you will read, everyone should be concerned that the FCC might rule to allow the Bells to no longer keep records of various sorts. Read the Filing.
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Sex, Lies and Verizon

"I hadn't planned on spending my birthday weekend with Verizon. I had planned to have fun, go dancing, party with friends. Instead I got screwed, and Verizon had all the fun. Like a rotten lover, the kind who tells lies through a smile, makes false promises and falls asleep after getting what they want, Verizon left me dry."

So starts this customer's tale of a customer being lied to by the phone company, and that there's a work stoppage going on at the company because the Senior management is cutting staff and failing to pay basic overtime to their own workers.

"I told him Verizon had treated me horrendously, that I was lied to by a hotline staff that had obviously been instructed to keep the customers at bay and who would probably be given a raise rather than fired for their lies. I said it was ridiculous to fund five offices on Sunday to receive calls but not have a penny for an emergency repair crew. I said that the full page ads in the NY Times (and every other media outlet) cost millions more than what it would cost to pay labor a little overtime, and that executive decisions insuring executive salaries that impact negatively on the consumer were stupid decisions" .

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While Verizon cut 20% of it's staff in the last two years, the Bell company Executives get free airfare, major bonuses and salary increases, and the top 6 Verizon executives got stock options valued at $ 424 million to $1 billion dollars.
To read a report on Bell Executive Compensation, highlighting Verizon.

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