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Headline Publication Date
CompTel calls on FCC to make RBOC audits public
COMPTEL January 3rd, 2002
SBC Overcharging, According to Court,
Telecom Daily January 2, 2002
Telecommunications: The Broadband Deregulation Debate WashTech December 2001
The Broadband Economy, Karen Kornbluh, OpEd, New York Times December 10, 2001
FCC To Review Broadband Rules by Patricia Fusco ISP-Planet
December 13, 2001
Missed Access Goal Costs SBC Another $1.95 Million,
Reuters December 26, 2001
ISPs See More Broadband Disasters
INews December 7, 2001

Is Bay Ridge Paying Too Much for Its Telephone Network?

Bay Ridge Courier Life August 27, 2001

Are Bells to blame for the tech crash?

Infoworld August 3, 2001

And the Winner Is?

The Net Economy June 4, 2001

Why Tauzin-Dingell Bill is Evil, Position Paper, New Networks Institute

ISP World April 26, 2001
DSL Groundswell: Winter of Discontent Could Get Ugly BroadbandWeek February 19, 2001
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