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January 29, 2002
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Telecom Update

You're owed $200 Bell's profits are outrageous--- a new report says you're owed $200. For more details, read the report.

Congressional Action
STOP Tauzin-Dingell Bill
New Bill in Congress is an Internet Tax in Disguise. Eight reasons why this bill is evil.
TeleTruth Act of 2002: What Broken in Telecom and Broadband. Is it Time to Break Up the Bells?

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Broadband Bill of Rights

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Phone Number Scandal
VERIZON in New York
Just try keeping your phone number when you move.... It's a little known fact that Everyone pays a charge on their bill titled "Portability." 

However, this charge does not mean you can take you current phone number with you when you move... and the costs in New York for doing so are ludicous ----$558.00 and a monthly charge of $96.04 a month.

Worse, Verizon, New York also made it impossible (read illegal) for the competition, in this case, MCI, to service this customers.

It's the year 2001 —

  • Why can't you take your phone number with you when you move?
  • Why do we have to have million change their area codes?
  • Why are the Bells not being stopped from their anti-competitive practices?

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