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  Remove the FCC Line Charge -- NOW!
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Teletruth has filed Two Complaints Pertaining to the FCC Line Charge

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Get Involved To Remove This Charge:

Teletruth petitions the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to prove the need for the FCC Line Charge (Federal Subscriber Line Charge, or "SLC" charge) imposed on every residential and business wireline telecommunications monthly phone bill (per line). Failing such proof, TeleTruth requests that the Commission suspend current itemized line charges, including any proposed and planned increases, until a full accounting to the public is made. This challenge is based on TeleTruth's analysis and conclusions that the basis for the imposition of such charges are seriously flawed, unduly selective, and based on biased statistical analysis.

As we will demonstrate, the data that has been used in the calculations for the FCC Line Charge, including the phone company supplied data, the models presented to justify the charge, and the FCC's unjustified inclination to accept such data uncritically from such interested parties in meetings not open to the public are by their very nature the definition of regulatory capture by industry interests. We therefore are left with no other option but to conclude that both the data and the decisions that have resulted from the use of such data are biased in the extreme. The public deserves a more open process and a regulatory body more respectful of their duties and responsibilities under the Data Quality Act. TeleTruth maintains that only through a more open and fair process can such charges be investigated and justified to consumers.

"The FCC Line Charge, which is on every wireline residential and business phone bill, 1) does not go to fund the FCC as is the common belief. 2) It is not part of 'Basic' service, even though many state phone bills says it is. 3) It's not a tax, even though it's in the 'Surcharges and Taxes' section of the NY Verizon bill, among other states, and 4) it is quintuple taxed in New York City adding 27% to the cost. 5) It is unmarked revenue of billions of dollars back to the phone companies that is 6) not mandated by the FCC. 7) It is not controlled by the state commission even though Verizon New Jersey said it is. 8) There's been no cost analysis of why it should be on the bill, even though 9) it has continually increased over the last three years - 86% even though 10) Verizon stated publicly that local phone service hasn't increased in 11 years in New York and 20 years in New Jersey. And 11) the advertised price for a 'package' does not include this charge. 12) To top it off, there was some study done in 1998 that it was already inflated 550% and yet 13) the FCC is now entertaining plans to raise it to $9.00 a month in 2004." (From:The Dirty, Little, Secret Lives Of Phone Bills)

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Phone Bill Campaign Yields Class Action Suit Settlement With Verizon New Jersey

Read the Star Ledger Article

....."This is just the tip of the iceberg," said Tom Allibone, director ofauditing for Teletruth, a consumer advocacy group that assisted the
plaintiffs in the case. "This is a simple example of how their billing system doesn't work."

The Dirty, Little, Secret Lives of Phone Bills

"The Dirty Little Secret Lives of Phone Bills is based on real phone bills, and the scandals highlighted have been documented.

Phone Bill Independence Report

"Phone Bills DO Lie"

Why is this report so important now? This report comes at a critical time. We are calling for an investigation of Every Tax and Surcharge on the phone bill because many are unmarked revenues to the companies and NO regulator has added everything up to date. --- NO New Taxes on Any New Service Until the Old Taxes have been Cost Justified.

Over 90 Issues have been identified that need addressing.
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