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  Table of Contents Dirty, Little, Secret Phone Bills
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Table of Contents

Topics Covered

A Letter from Bruce Kushnick, Chairman, Teletruth

Chapter 1 Phone Bills and Slush Funds?
Chapter 2 Who Cares About Phone Bills?
Chapter 3 The Legend of Aunt Ethel.
Chapter 4 Val Goes on a Blind Date.
Chapter 5 What the Masses Know About Their Phone Bills - Well, Nothing.
"The FCC Line Charge Is on My Bill?"
Chapter 6 How to Read Your Phone Bill - The Dirty, Little Secret Tricks of Experts. Part One.
Chapter 7 An Interview with Verizon About Teletruth: Interview with a Vampire?
Chapter 8 Weird Dreams of Phones.
Chapter 9 Dear Old Dad, The Former IRS Auditor.
Chapter 10 An Angry Customer Gets Revenge - Verizon Pathetic.
Chapter 11 How to Read Your Phone Bill - Dirty, Little Secret Tricks of Experts. Part Two.
Chapter 12 The Former IRS Auditor Speaks.
Chapter 13 How Are Phone Rates Set?
Chapter 14 How Rats Are Set. It Isn't a Typo.
Chapter 15 Telecom Skunk Works 101.
Chapter 16 Opportunity New Jersey and Pennsylvania - Broadband Scams.
Chapter 17 The Dirty, Little Secrets of Packages.
Chapter 18 How Rats Are Set, Part Two.
Chapter 19 How to File A Complaint. Don't Get Mad: Get It Resolved
Chapter 20 Packages and Passion.
Chapter 21 These Are a Few of the Dark Little Things.
Chapter 22 You Can't Always Get What You Want.
Chapter 23 Disconnected? Bell Out of Order?
Chapter 24 Sometimes You Get What You Need.


Additional Phone Bill Exhibits:

Phone Bill Exhibit 1 Phone Bill Account Summary
Phone Bill Exhibit 2 NJ Phone Bill - FCC Charge as Part of Basic Service.
Phone Bill Exhibit 3 Taxes and Surcharges
Phone Bill Exhibit 4 Optional Services
Phone Bill Exhibit 5 A Non-Basic Charge From NJ Bills
Phone Bill Exhibit 6 NY Phone Bill with Touchtone Charge and Other Idiot Items
Phone Bill Exhibit 7 Optional "Denial" and "Blocking" with $0.00 Charge
Phone Bill Exhibit 8 Local Calls: The 9-Cent Scam
Phone Bill Exhibit 9 Toll Calls from New Jersey.
Phone Bill Exhibit 10 "411" Directory Assistance with Tax
Phone Bill Exhibit 11 976 Calling
Phone Bill Exhibit 12 Verizon Freedom Package, New York,
Phone Bill Exhibit 13 Additional Taxes on the Verizon Freedom Package

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