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  Remove the FCC Line Charge -- NOW!
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Plans are Underway to Charge You More Money.

The FCC Line Charge is on your phone bill---Now.

It is Quintuple Taxed --- 18-27%

It went up 86% to $6.50 with NO Cost Support, adding $125 a line.

It doesn't go to the FCC, but is Money Back to the Phone Companies.


Join Us: And Save Money.

We are proposing a full investigation into the costs assocated with the FCC Line Charge, and to stop the charge until that investigation is completed. We are proposing a FULL investigation for EVERY Charge on your phone bill!

Meanwhile, the phone companies are Proposing ADDITIONAL INCREASES!

You KNOW all those Dirty, Little Charges Can't Be Correct -And You're Right!


According to Valerie Simpson, freelance investigate reporter:

"So, let me get this straight. The FCC Line Charge 1) does not go to fund the FCC as is the common belief. 2) It is not part of 'Basic' service, even though many state phone bills says it is. 3) It's not a tax, even though it's in the 'Surcharges and Taxes' section of the NY Verizon bill, among other states, and 4) it is quintuple taxed in New York City adding 27% to the cost. 5) It is unmarked revenue of billions of dollars back to the phone companies that is 6) not mandated by the FCC. 7) It is not controlled by the state commission even though Verizon New Jersey said it is. 8) There's been no cost analysis of why it should be on the bill, even though 9) it has continually increased over the last three years - 86% even though 10) Verizon stated publicly that local phone service hasn't increased in 11 years in New York and 20 years in New Jersey. And 11) the advertised price for a 'package' does not include this charge. 12) To top it off, there was some study done in 1998 that it was already inflated 550% and yet 13) the FCC is now entertaining plans to raise it to $9.00 a month in 2004."

Learn more: Read the New e-book Expose:

"The Dirty Little Secret Lives of Phone Bills.



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