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  Pennsylvania Broadband Fraud

February 10th, 2004

Verizon Lies and Blames Teletruth for Pointing Out Facts About The Pennsylvania Broadband Scam.

Teletruth Challenges Verizon to a Debate--- Anytime, Anywhere. Verizon can you hear us?


Pennsylvania Broadband Bait & Switch.


February 2nd 2004

Are You Owed $1,135.00 for a Fiber Optic Network You Never Received?

Teletruth Files Complaint with the Penn PUC to Investigate $3.9 Billion in Missing Fiber-Optic Networks.


Take Action--- Talking Points!


In 1994, Verizon committed to a fiber-optic network to customers homes with speeds of 45 mps, in both directions--- and never delivered. This is 40 times faster than ADSL

2. By 2004, Verizon was supposed to have rewired 50% of the state in both rural, suburban and Urban areas equally with a fiber-optic to the home wire. Instead, DSL goes over the 100-year-old-copper wiring.
3. Fraud --- At the end of 2003, we estimate customers paid $1135 per household -- A total of $3.9 billion.

It's 2004 and they still can't build the networks.- It's now clear they couldn't build the networks in 1994 when they made these commitments.


State laws were changed to give the phone company more money. This change went from a "Rate-of-Return" that examined profits to an "Alternate Regulation" (Deregulation) that only examined the price of Service.


From 2000-2003, there was a 62% drop in Capital Expenditures, and since the Alternate Regulation went into effect in 1993, there has been a 43% drop in employees -- 6,510 employees were let go.

Instead, the money is going to increase Verizon PA Dividends, which went up 131% from 2000-2003.


Excessive Tax Savings -- Verizon wrote-off over $1.2 billion stating they were replacing the old copper with new fiber --- they never did it


Illegal Cross-Subsidies -- Customers are illegally being charged for Verizon's rollout of DSL.


Where's ALL the Money? The Top 6 Verizon Executives got $400 million --$1 billion in stock options in 2001, while the company lost over $10 billion in bad overseas investments!


Collusion? This same exact scam happened in multiple Verizon states, from New Jersey and Maryland to Massachusetts and D.C.

More Reading
1 Liberty Bell Stolen . Here's a decision by the Public Utility Commission to NOT hold Verizon accountable for a fiber-optic Future.
2. Chairman Fitzpatrick Stands Up for Customers. The PUC Chairman points out that a 45MPS service was promised, and paid for by Customers, not DSL.
3 Letter by the Pennsylvania Advocate about Rate Increases of HB30. This proposed bill will raise your phonerates and not deliver Broadband.

Consumer Advocate discusses the record of Verizon 45mps commitments.After reading this, it should be clear that Verizon made commitments that their lawyers and lobbyists want ignored.


The Tell-The-Truth Broadband Challenge Vs "The Verizon 100 Megabit Challenge"

It's time for Verizon to Tell The Truth about their failed fiber optic plans and how much money customers paid for services they will never receive.


Independent Analysis Shows $4 billion of Excess. (Economics & Tech. Testimony)(PDF)

"Verizon Pennsylvania has realized financial gains in excess of $4-billion as a direct result of Chapter 30 'alternate regulation'."


Proof that Pennsylvania was Promised Fiber Optics to the Home

Here's a Bell Atlantic press release from 1996, explaining how fiber-optic services were supposed to be here in 1997!

Take Action

"I Want My $1135 Back!

Let's Face It. No one seems to care that you've paid extra for phone service and never got what was promised.

It's time to tell the regulators "Enough is Enough" -- Take action. This is a case of fraud and collusion. They couldn't build the networks, yet you got charged!

Investigate Teletruth's Claims of Fraud and Collusion!
  • FILE an Informal Complaint with the Pennsylvania PUC.
  • Click Here:
  • FILE a Complaint with the PA Attorney Generals Office.
  • Click Here:

"As a law enforcement agency, the primary function of the Office of Attorney General is to represent the public at large by enforcing laws prohibiting fraudulent or deceptive trade practices."

  • CONTACT Teletruth and tell us what you wrote:
  • Click Here:
Meet the Commissioners

E-mail the Commissioners: Complain

Chairman Terrance J. Fitzpatrick
Vice-Chairman Robert Bloom
Comm. Aaron Wilson Jr.
Comm. Glen R. Thomas
Comm. Kim Pizzingrilli
More Reading

Cartoon and Links About The Bells' Failed Broadband Deployments

Read about other states, other failed deployments!


New Jersey Ratepayer Advocate's 1997 Report on Verizon Broadband

"...low income and residential customers have paid for the fiber-optic lines every month but have not yet benefited."

"Bell Atlantic-New Jersey (BA-NJ) has over-earned, underspent and inequitably deployed advanced telecommunications technology to business customers, while largely neglecting schools and libraries, low-income and residential ratepayers and consumers in Urban Enterprise Zones as well as urban and rural areas.""


More Lies from the Bells about their Broadband Deployments.

While Verizon is pleading poverty in Pennsylvania about rolling out fiber-optics, this press release with the other Bells states just the opposite is planned. News Release May 29, 2003

"BellSouth, SBC Communications And Verizon Adopt Common Technical Requirements For Fiber To The Premises, Will Seek Equipment Proposals For Potential Network Deployment....Anticipated FCC Broadband Ruling Next Major Step on Path to New Networks With Nearly Limitless Bandwidth for Internet, Voice and Innovative Video Applications"


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