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On August 27th, 2002, the Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy filed with the FCC requesting that the Agency take into account the thousands of Small Internet Providers who would be harmed by these new rules. Read the Ex Parte Letter to the FCC.

This filing independently corroborates and buttresses the Comments filed by TeleTruth.

  The FCC has proposed 6 inter-related rulings that will essentially will harm small business telecom competitors, including Internet Service Providers, (ISPs)  and Competitive Local Exchange Companies. (CLECs) and millions of their small business customers...Click here for a summary of the telecom landscape and why these proposals are bad.
1. FCC in Violation of Small Business Laws.
  TeleTruth Claims FCC is in violation of Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act.--- Asks FCC to stop proceedings until FCC is in compliance.Word Version, (with footnotes) On Friday, May 3rd, TeleTruth filed Comments in these proceedings, pointing out that the FCC is in serious violation of the Regulatory Flexibility Act, which requires the FCC to do a Small business Impact study. As we show, the FCC's has never taken their obligations seriously, and TeleTruth is calling on the FCC to halt current proceedings until they are in compliance.
2. Harm to Small Business Competitors and Small Business Customers


"Small Telecom Business Impact Study":Thousands of competitors at risk, millions of customers could lose service. Word Version (with footnotes) New Networks Institute, in collaboration with TeleTruth, has created a "Small Telecom Business Impact Study", which shows that 1500 Small Competitors could be harmed if the FCC's plans goes through, effecting over 10-15 million customers.

3. Harm to the ISPs and CLECs is not new

New Networks Institute (NNI) released the results of its 3rd Nationwide Annual
Survey of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Across the US, independent ISPs claim they are being frozen out of DSL and cannot compete on an equal footing with the local Bell monopolies. This is directly harming America's DSL and Internet customers.. To read more...

4. Harm to the Local Competitors

SPECIAL REPORT 2: "The Bells Harmed The CLEC Industry: New Networks Institute (NNI) today released a "Special Report" titled:
"The Bells Harmed The CLEC (Competitive Local Phone Company) Industry",
supplying evidence that the Bell companies' anti-competitive behavior and lack of
enforcement has been the major impediment for competitors to offer local phone and DSL/Broadband services.

5. Other Reporters have been covering the story.

"We've been begging the FCC to establish a National Broadband Policy. On Feb. 14th the FCC took action-only it might turn out to be as bloody for ISPs as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre was for George "Bugs" Moran's North Side Gang in Chicago, circa 1929."
Patty Fusco, Managing Editor, ISP Planet, March 1, 2002 To read more...

6. Break Up the Bells:.Is it time to take further steps -- including breaking up the local monopolies
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Press Release, 5/29/02

SBA Joins TeleTruth in Defending Small ISPs and Criticizing Proposed FCC Broadband Rulings.

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  2. Talking Points for ISPs, CLECs and Their Customers

IF YOU ARE A CUSTOMER ---Who still wants to use/support their ISP---Contact the FCC.

Contact the Commissioners via E-mail --- Tell them you support the SBA's request to revise their Proceedings until the competitors have been included. --- Click here for some pointers.

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Volunteer: We need your help if you have some time to give. We will need a variety of skills in our efforts.
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Press Release --: "Accounting Scandals: Enron, Worldcom, and now.Verizon?" August 22nd, 2002

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