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Truth test for Verizon
The Star-Ledger
  Friday, February 1, 2002, Today's Business
  When Verizon Communications was pressing the state to endorse its plan to enter New Jersey's long distance phone market, one of the things it touted was an independent consultant's finding that its billing system was 100 percent accurate during testing of its system.

Now an independent alliance of telephone customers, dubbed TeleTruth, aims to test that premise.

The group, a combination of 25 companies and industry observers, is asking customers of Verizon to send their phone bills to them so they can be verified. The bills will be audited by LTC Consulting, which is run by Tom Allibone, one of the founders of TeleTruth.

"The bottom line: We believe that collecting these phone bills is the only true way for both customers and regulators to realize that the network has serious flaws," said Bruce Kushnick, chairman of TeleTruth and executive director of New Networks Institute.

For information about the organization, visit

--- Tom Johnson

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