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  Teletruth Helps Small Businesses Get Refunds for Missing Discounts In NJ

If you're a Small Business in New Jersey, You May be Entitled to a Refund Check from Verizon for Missing Discounts!

In 2003, we started our "Send Us Your Phone Bill" campaign. We discovered billing errors and trends that led to the filing of class actions. The first case was officially settled on July 2004. We found that approximately 40% of small businesses (under 5 lines) in New Jersey were missing their discounts --- and your firm could be one of these small businesses.

To See a Copy of a Phone Bill with the Missing Discount.

You will notice that because the discount is not broken-out as a line-item but placed under "Monthly Charges", there is no way the customer would know that the discount is missing.

Read the Star Ledger Article (requires purchase)

....."This is just the tip of the iceberg," said Tom Allibone, director ofauditing for Teletruth, a consumer advocacy group that assisted the plaintiffs in the case. "This is a simple example of how their billing system doesn't work."

Press Release From Teletruth

More About the Class Action Suits --- Original Press Release

Free Phone Bill Audit for Small Businesses. Teletruth's Phone Bill Auditing Team knows that 50% of phone bills in New Jersey had mistakes --- and you may be owed a check from the phone company, besides this small business discount. Teletruth has helped to initiate other class action suits with other problems --- from missing phone services being charged that do not exist, or other charges being added to the bill customers didn't order. In this special offer,New Jersey customers can receive a free phone bill analysis to see if there are additional mistakes --- that could lead to a larger refund.

Email a Phone Bill Auditor

More Information About Phone Bills in New York and New Jersey From Teletruth

Teletruth has published "Phone Bill Independence" report and expose, "The Dirty, Little, Secret Lives of Phone Bills", about the problems with phone bills, and the scandals that surround each Tax and Surcharge on your phone bill.

Phone Bill Independence Report

"Phone Bills DO Lie"

Why is this report so important now? This report comes at a critical time. We are calling for an investigation of Every Tax and Surcharge on the phone bill because many are unmarked revenues to the companies and NO regulator has added everything up to date. --- NO New Taxes on Any New Service Until the Old Taxes have been Cost Justified.

Over 90 Issues have been identified that need addressing.

The Dirty, Little, Secret Lives of Phone Bills

"The Dirty Little Secret Lives of Phone Bills is based on real phone bills, and the scandals highlighted have been documented.

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