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Stop Verizon New Jersey from going into Long Distance --- It costs you more money.

Verizon New Jersey has applied to enter the long distance market in New Jersey. This would be a very bad action that costs you money -- and it should be stopped. There are a number of reaqsons TeleTruth, as an independent customeraAdvocate takes this position

First and foremost, Verizon reason they are not allowed today is because they are still monopolies and their networks are still not open to competition. But how does that effect you? You might think --- why shouldn't Verizon go into long distance anyway?

Anyone who pays a phonebill in New Jersey knows there's something wrong.... All those local phone charges can't be correct -- and they aren't! New Jersewy still charges for touchtone service --- a service that costs $0 to offer, and has been removed in most states because it was extra profits to a very profitable company -- Verizon.

Without competition, Verizon has and continues to overcharge you -- We estimate that it is $200 a year extra.

By allowing them into long distance, you are telling regulators it's OK to be ripped off..... What's worse, the state Board of Public Utilities, (BPU) has denied you a voice in this decision to date. They have decided to let Verizon into long distance without having any public hearings.

Right now it's up to the FCC to make the decision to allow or not allow verizon into long distance.-

But there are other reasons that you should help us stop Verizon.

First, They charged your for a fiber-optic network you never got --- that's right. Over the last decade they were able to change state laws --- in their favor --- to charge customers for a rewiring of the state with fiber-optics --- instead they kept the excess money.

Secondly, 50% of all New jersey phonebills have problems. --- That's right. According to the Teletruth Auditing Division, over half of ALL Verizon customers are paying for services that they never ordered, or were double billed, etc.

Even Verizon's labeling of services on your bill is innaccurate. For example, Verizon states that "The FCC Subscriber Line Charge", just another charge, is "mandatory". It is not and the money goes to the Bells, not the FCC. --- It's cost you $60 dollars a year extra!

Thirdly, we beleive you're owed $200 --- Just read our information about the Bells' profits--- How is it that these companies are making 250% above the Business Week 500? They're supposed to still be regulated and profits fair and reasonable. --- They got all this money through their promises to rewire the state.

But most importantly, the Bell companies still control New Jersey's phone networks and there is not enough competition to lower prices. So, what can you do?

  • a) Send Us your phonebill -- that right. We're collecting evidence to stop these abuses.
  • b) Write a Letter to the FCC --- Demand that they block Verizon into Long Distance.
  • c) Join Teletruth and help us.--- We're calling for investigations to get you lower prices, competition and out and out refunds.

The Tele-Truth will set us free,

Bruce Kushnick, Chairman TeleTruth, Executive Director, New Networks Institute

Tom Allibone, Director of the Teletruth Phonebill Auditing Division, Founder, Teletruth New Jersey Chapter.

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