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Dear Verizon New Jersey Customer,
  • Did you know that approximately 50% of all phonebills have mistakes that cost you money and you could be owed a substantial refund?
  • Did you know that the New Jersey BPU and the FCC has known about this problem but chose to ignore it?

We are not a phone company trying to get your business. And we are not going to give your phonebills to anyone to have them bother you.

Teletruth is a customer advocacy group who has decided to document these issues and make the regulators fix these problems. The Federal Communications Commission is currently deciding if Verizon New Jersey should be allowed into the long distance business. This may be our best chance to fix a chronic problem that has existed for years. Teletruth needs your help to collect evidence and send it to the FCC and state regulators.

Join our "send us your phone bill" campaign. You can make a difference and possibly even get a refund.

This is how the "send us your phonebill" campaign works:
Send us your phonebill and we will review it for free by a respected group of professional phone bill auditos. There is absolutely NO CHARGE for the phonebill review. If Teletruth finds billing errors, you will be contacted to determine if a full audit should be performed. With your agreement, Teletruth will perform the audit and negotiate a settlement for you--- at no cost to you. All you need to do is to sign a letter of authorization and audit agreement allowing the Teletruth auditors to request additional billing documents and act on your behalf. Teletruth auditing fees are contingency based and only payable if your monthly phonebill is reduced or a refund is secured.

Teletruth works for you, not the phone company. The Teletruth auditors are independent and have already secured over $10 million in refunds.

You can also join Teletruth -- It's free but your donations allow us to continue to defend your interests.

Send your phonebill to:

Teletruth New Jersey
P.O. Box 480
Ringoes, New Jersey 08551

If you have questions you can call Teletruth New Jersey chapter at: 609-397-2257

So, please help us help you.

Tom Allibone, TeleTruth Auditing Division, Founder New Jersey Chapter
Bruce Kushnick, Chairman, TeleTruth, Executive Director, New Networks Institute

To Contact TeleTruth by Email:

Privacy/Legal Issues
By sending Teletruth your phone bill, you agree to allow Teletruth to use your the charges on your phonebill , to the FCC, state regulators, federal trade commission and states attorney general. Your account information (who you are, phone number, where you live, etc.) is treated as confidential and will not be provided to anyone without your written permission. Teletruth uses the services of LTC Consulting to perform all phone bill reviews and phonebill audits.

In order to accept a customer bill as evidence, the FCC , state regulators and consumer protection organizations may require an affidavit. If such event requires an affidavit, Teletruth will prepare the affidavit and you will be contacted to have an authorized customer will sign it.

Teletruth cannot return your phone bill unless you provide a self addressed stamped envelope.

If the Teletruth auditors discover billing errors, you will be contacted. If it is agreed that Teletruth will remove the billing errors and negotiate a refund, the Teletruth auditors will provide a letter of agency and audit agreement for signature. Without a signed letter of agency, Teletruth cannot discuss the details of your account with the carrier, make changes to your account

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