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Bad Data Equals Bad Laws

What's at Stake and Why are these Actions Important?

Commissioner Michael Copps said of the current Triennial Reviews' proposed order in his dissent: "The current Commission is on track to butcher the pro-competitive vision of the 1996 Act. And it is sticking consumers with higher telephone rates and fewer choices. The people who pay America’s phone bills deserve better." We agree.


The FCC is putting through new rules that will:

  • Harm All competition
  • Block your choice of using an Independent Internet Provider.
  • Raise your phone and broadband rates.
  • Give your Local monopolies exclusive rights to broadband

What We Filed?

Teletruth and the National Internet Alliance Files Three Data Quality Act Challenges and a Regulatory Flexibility Act Challenge as Triennial Review Comments.To Read the Press Release


1) Data Quality Act: 8 Year-old Data and the Internet Service Provider Market: Imagine reading a newspaper that quoted data from 1997 as being "the most current".Even a high-school journalist would get a failing grade. The FCC's data is worse, since it is being used to create bad laws. Read The Challenge (PDF)

Under the Data Quality Act, the FCC must have data that is reliable and useful --- We're asking the FCC to redo this data. -- "How many ISPs were there from 1997 through 2004 and how many companies did the FCC’s policies help to put out of business?


Infrastructure Held Hostage.

2) Data Quality Act 2: Complaint About the FCC's Broadband (Section 706) Report -- Customers as Defacto Investors. Since 1998, the FCC has ignored ALL information about fiber-optic deployments, and has erased the Internet Service Provider from history. (They are required by Section 706 of the Telecom Act of 1996 to write this summary.)

  1. Read The Challenge (PDF)
  2. See for yourself. Read: FCC's Broadband Reports,
  3. The Bell Companies Stole Your Fiber-Optic Digital Future --- You paid for fiber-optic networks you will never receive --And you're owed money and new services! Almost every state in the Union had given the Bell companies financial incentives to build -- and they pocketed the money ---your money....Read More:

3)  Regulatory Flexibility Act and Data Quality Act: Part of "Unbundling" (Section 251) Comments. What Does Local Service Really Cost? No One Knows But Prices Keep Rising.

The FCC has decided to raise the rates of every competitor by 15% or eliminate many of the network components they need to compete. Besides the fact that customers have funded these very networks, the other question is --- How much does local service really cost?We point out that

  1. Prices should be dropping because construction is down 50% since 2000 and employees-per-line down 65% since 1984.
  2. The FCC has not investigated "cross-subidization", meaning customers are illegally funding other services such as long distance or DSL.
  3. Phone charges, such as the the FCC Line Charge have never been cost-justified and it is on every wireline phone bills. The FCC plans to raise this as well to $10. a month!

To Read our Comments on the Cost of Service (unbundling)

This Filing also contains:

  • A Regulatory Flexibility Act Challenge -- Using the data from these other filings, Teletruth and NIA are requesting the FCC redo the Triennial Review because of harms to the ISPs..
  • Summarizes the other filings.
FCC in Violation of Small Business Laws. (original filing)
  TeleTruth Claims FCC is in Violation of Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act.--- Asks FCC to stop proceedings until FCC is in compliance.Word Version, (with footnotes)
7. Harm to Small Business Competitors and Small Business Customers


"Small Telecom Business Impact Study":Thousands of competitors at risk, millions of customers could lose service. Word Version (with footnotes) .



Teletruth and its members, including and New Networks Institute, have filed over 14 different comments, complaints and petitions to the FCC about competition and the Bell companies failed broadband deployment -- from California to New Jersey, Ohio to Massachusetts. To see an annotated bibliography including other related documents,


Case Study, Verizon, Pennsylvania, Fiber-optic Fraud.

By 2004, Half of PA should have been rewired with a fiber optic wire to customers homes, rural, urban and suburban equally, at speeds of 45mbps in both directions. We estimate that over $4 billion was collected --- over $1000 a home, by 2003, and these networks were never built. To Read our complaint and related documents


FCC Chair Fiddles While Telecom & Broadband are in Hell Cartoon

(Click to View)


The FCC's Stupidity -- Get Rid of Line Sharing and Close Out Competition.

In 1999, the FCC got it right and demanded Bell Monopolies share their networks ---Here's what they wrote: Click here to read the 1999 release

Today, the (FCC) adopted rules to promote competition for advanced services, by directing local telephone companies to share their telephone lines with providers of high speed Internet access and other data services. This Order is intended to ensure that as many companies as possible will be able to deploy new technologies on a faster, more cost-effective basis and should accelerate the ability of residential and small business customers to access competitive broadband services from their choice of providers. --

This FCC, in 2003, decided to kill off Line Sharing.


Cooked Books Goes Unchallenged. The FCC's own audits found $19 billion dollars or missing equipment -- and that's only 1/4 of the total. Every phone Service is based on this missing "vaporware" --See thousands of missing records being added to your phone costs and our filings with the IRS, SEC, FCC and other agencies too busy to investigate on your behalf--- Read More:

Small Business Adminstration files to defend ISPs.

The Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy has filed with the FCC twice, requesting that the Agency take into account the thousands of Small Internet Providers who would be harmed by these new rules.

5. Harm to the Local Competitors--- This has been happening for years.

SPECIAL REPORT 2: "The Bells Harmed The CLEC Industry:
supplies evidence that the Bell companies' anti-competitive behavior and lack of enforcement has been the major impediment for competitors to offer local phone and DSL/Broadband services.

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