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up ^ Board of Advisors:

Bruce Kushnick

Chairman Founder and Executive Director, New Networks Institute,

Tom Alibone

Director of Auditing Division President, LTC Consulting,

Miranda Berner

  External Affairs, New Networks Institute,

Daniel Berninger

  technolgy analyst working for Tier1 Research

Peter Brennan

  Former Chairman, ISA

Dean Landsman

Strategic Development & Marketing Services.

President of LCG (aka Landsman Communications Group)


Bob Fertik


Bob Frankston

Dana Friedman

  President, Dragonfly Technologies,

Rober Garnet

Communications Advisor Fellow, Institute of Applied Economics, Johns Hopkins University

Daniel Gregoire


Jody A. Hankinson

Internet Strategy Independent Contractor

Marcus Lewis


Jerry Michalski

  President, Sociate,

Steve Mossbrook


Dolly Nielsen

  Founder, Silicon Alley Station,

Joe Plotkin

Senior Strategist Director, Marketing/DSL,,

Bob Ponce

  Stationmaster, Silicon Alley Station,

Jeff Ritter

  President, Technomethods, ,

Dave Robertson

  President, STIC,
  Chairman, Texas ISP Association

Alexis Rosen

  President, Panix,

Jason Solotaroff

  Esq., Stamell & Schrager

Mike Steinhart

Other Advisors wish to remain anonymous.
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