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Don't let the local phone monopolies destroy the promise of broadband and strangle the communications revolution.

  • Are phone and broadband services essential to your life?
  • Does your business depend on BellSouth, Verizon, SBC, or Qwest?
  • Are you angry that no one is fighting for your telecom and broadband rights?

This is a critical time for all phone customers. We all know that prices for local services keep going up, customer service keeps getting worse, competition is practically non-existent, and the promise of high-speed DSL has been almost a nightmare.

But new laws are now being proposed by the Bell-funded politicians that will make the current awful situation EVEN WORSE!

Forget about the regulators like the FCC or the state public utility commissions. They are under-financed, understaffed, overburdened, and politically controlled by the very companies they are supposed to regulate.

Unfortunately, no consumer group has stepped forward to lead the fight against the incredibly powerful Baby Bells.

Introducing... TELETRUTH

TeleTruth is the first customer group with the expertise, breadth of support - and commitment - to take on the Bells.

TeleTruth was founded by the New Networks Institute, the nation's leading expert on the "breakup" of the phone monopoly.

TeleTruth is a broad-based coalition of residential and business customers, small businesses and large corporations, Internet Providers and telco competitors - everyone who has been harmed by the Bell monopolies control of the infrastructure.

Our Board of Advisors includes the leaders in the fight against the Bells. They include business and residential customers; respected analysts, experts, lawyers, and strategists; Internet Providers, Competitive Local Phone companies, and equipment manufacturers.

TeleTruth was created because of the urgent need for immediate action:

  1. STOP "TAUZIN-DINGELL" Teletruth has launched a grassroots campaign to stop a horrendous bill proposed by Representatives Billy Tauzin (R-LA) and John Dingell (D-MI) that will harm all competition, and thus all phone customers.
  2. THE BROADBAND BILL OF RIGHTS: TeleTruth has proposed new legislation called the Broadband Bill of Rights. We have a number of Senators and Representatives interested in this revolutionary concept.
  3. CO-SIGNERS TeleTruth is signing up thousands of customers to 'co-sponsor' the Broadband Bill of Rights.
  4. NEW NEWS SERVICE: TELETRUTH. Teletruth is our new telecom and broadband news service. Teletruth supplies up-to-the-minute news, including hard-to- find stories that the mass media has overlooked or suppressed for political reasons, as well as exclusive interviews with industry insiders.
  5. FREE REPORTS ON CRITICAL TOPICS, Working with New Networks Institute, TeleTruth receives critical data on Bell Overcharging, Phonebill Issues, Competitor Problems, Failed Broadband Rollouts, and other important information.
  6. CURRENT FILINGS: (with NNI) Teletruth has numerous pro-customer regulatory filings. For example, we have requested an investigation into $2.5 billion dollars in "Vaporware" (missing equipment) charges in New York, and have demanded a refund to customers. NNI has also filed regulatory actions with the FCC, IRS and worked with laws firms to initiate Class Action lawsuits.
  7. PHONE BILL AUDITING: TeleTruth is offering our member companies a unique service -- a full audit of their telecom expenses. Did you know that 50% of all audits result in REFUNDS? TeleTruth is proud to announce this service is available for small business to national corporations.
  8. NATIONWIDE SURVEY OF TELCO COMPETITORS. NNI will continue to survey Internet Providers and CLECs about the problems caused by the local Bell companies.
  9. RALLIES AND MEETINGS. TeleTruth's first "DSL Protest Summit" in 2001 received national attention, and TeleTruth's is now planning a follow-up event in New York in 2002.

TeleTruth has an ambitious agenda. If all telephone and broadband customers unite, we can win. But we need your support. We urge you to do the following:

  • Join TeleTruth and you’ll receive the TeleTruth Newsletter, our bi-weekly FREE newsletter and news alert service.
  • Join TeleTruth and receive a FREE DAILY ---broadband and telecom update.
  • Volunteer and Help Teletruth actions get results
  • Visit the TeleTruth Forum and talk to others, or ask questions.
  • Please donate to help support TeleTruth’s actions on your behalf. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

We thank you for your support. We have an enormous fight ahead of us, but united our determination may prevail. The TeleTruth is on our side.


Bruce Kushnick


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