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Memberships & Donations
Teletruth is a new organization, and we want to be responsive to both residential as well as Business customers, companies and individuals in the telecom and broadband industry.
  • Become A Member (free) --- If you just want to be informed of what's going on, but don't have the time to get involved. Members receive the newsletter and other services that will be announced this year. (If your browser has problems, send an email to:
  • Become A TeleTruth Activist. Special Members: If you think telecom or broadband are critical, then we need your help. If you are currently "on vacation from a job", or have spare time, or skills that we need -- lawyers, press relations, lobbying, fund raising --- sign up for this list. Send us some information about yourself and how you might want to help out. (If your browser has problems, send an email to:
Show your support today.
  Help us to help you! - Your donations will fund a number of important activities, from lobbying efforts in Washington to the creation of the newsletter and ongoing research to combat bad data supplied by the Bell companies' organizations. TeleTruth also works with law firms for filings and complaints with the FCC and State Commissions as well as continuous grassroots building activities.
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Two ways to give:
1. Online secure transaction
Go there now, and complete the information forms provided.
2. Postal mail Please send donations by mail.
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