New Millennium Research Council Experts and their Corporate Affiliations.


New Millennium Research Council Experts  


Caveats: New Millennium Research Council is a project of Issue Dynamics, a organization that works for the phone companies in multiple ways, including the creation of astroturf groups, and NMRC. NMRC's. goal of supporting the needs of their clients, including Verizon and AT&T and thus influencing the telecom and broadband agenda in favor of their corporate sponsors.

This is a partial list of people and organizations listed as "New Millennium Research Council" scholars and experts. We have chosen those who also have affilliations and are funded, in part by the phone or cable companies.

We are in now way implying that it is wrong to take money from a corporation, nor is it wrong to be an expert with opinions that match the corporate sponsor. However, in their 'bios' as experts, virtually none listed below mentioned that they might have substantial financial ties to the corporations they would be discussing as part of NMRC. While some list their clients on their web sites, some don't. However, what is the largest part of the problem ---- does NMRC help to influence policies for their corporate clients and is there a 'collection' of experts who work together to help influence public policy for their clients, the phone and cable companies.

• American Enterprise Institute

* Brookings Institute

* AEI-Brookings


“In response to growing concerns about understanding the impact of regulation on consumers, business, and government, the American Enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institution established the AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies. The primary purpose of the Joint Center is to hold lawmakers and regulators accountable for their decisions by providing thoughtful, objective analyses of existing regulatory programs and new regulatory proposals.”


·       Funding, AT&T, Verizon, SBC,  



·       “Verizon Was Behind Brookings Broadband Study”, Communications Today, 7/27/01 


·       “A recent Brookings Institution study that predicted widespread use of high-speed Internet service in the near future could pump as much as $500 billion into the U.S. economy was done on behalf of Verizon Communications [VZ], the report's author told Communications Today yesterday.”

·       Author, Robert Crandall, is a senior fellow with both the AEI-Brookings Joint Center and the Brookings Institution.

·       Hugh Price, Senior Fellow at Brookings, is currently on the Verizon board of directors



* The Analysis Group


·       Coleman Bazelon, vice president, has acted as ‘expert’ for Verizon.


·       Thomas Hazlett is a Senior Adviser to Analysis Group/Economics, and a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Adjunct Professor of Business and Public Policy at the Wharton School…”


*    Beacon Hill Institute

  • David G. Tuerck serves as Executive Director of the Beacon Hill Institute, and is professor and chairman of the Suffolk University Department of Economics. He served as director of the Center for Research and Advertising at the American Enterprise Institute. 

·       Funding sources for Beacon Hill lists AT&T Foundation, Heritage Foundation, Institute for Policy Innovation, Manhattan Institute, Microsoft Corporation New England Cable Television Association, Pacific Research Institute



• Cato Institute


·       According to Media Citizen


·       “Cato Institute is funded by Verizon, SBC Communications, Time Warner, Comcast and Freedom Communications — all companies seeking to put a stake through the heart of homegrown broadband systems.  Adam Thierer is little more than an industry sock puppet.

·       Cato Sponsors:    


*   Competitive Enterprise Institute

  • According to Sourcewatch: “In its IRS Form 990 for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2004, CEI reported revenues totalling $2,919,537 almost all of which were in the form of contributions from unspecified sources. Its net assets were $1,670,808.”
  • Solveig Singleton is Senior Policy Analyst with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a non-profit public policy organization dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government. Ms. Singleton is the former director of information studies for the Cato Institute.
  • Braden Cox was technology counsel with the Competitive Enterprise Institute's Project on Technology and Innovation in Washington, D.C.

• Criterion Economics


·       Criterion Economics is a consulting firm. Its clients include: AT&T, Bell Canada, BellSouth, CTIA-The Wireless Association, Qwest Communications, SBC, Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone.  



Criterion is a who’s who of phone company ‘expert’s,

·       Jeffrey Eisenbach, is chairman,  and co-founded the Bell funded “Progress and Freedom Foundation



·       Robert Crandall also works for the Bells through AEI:Brookings



·       Hal Singer, President, clients AT&T, BellSouth, Bell Canada, Internet Innovation Alliance, National Association of Broadcasters, Qwest, SBC, TELUS, Verizon,



·       J. Gregory Sidak is Visiting Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center; founder of Criterion Economics, L.L.C., From 1992 through 2005, he was a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI), where he directed AEI’s Studies in Telecommunications Deregulation.



·       Jeffrey West is Vice President, clients such as Verizon, Bell South, AT&T, Qwest,



*   The Heartland Institute


·       According to Sourcewatch, Heartland has many ties and works for tobacco and oil companies. They do not disclose their funding sources.



·       Heartland has contributed to numerous New Millennium Research Council studies as well as a recent report with TRAC, another Issue Dynamic’s group, and Beacon Hill on phone taxes.



·       Steven Titch is a Senior Fellow, The Heartland Institute


• The Heritage Foundation.


·       "Hey! Guess Who Helps Fund the Heritage Foundation? AT&T and Verizon"



·       James Gattuso handles regulatory and telecommunications issues for The Heritage Foundation. Prior to joining Heritage, he was Vice President for Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.


• Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI),


·       IPI does not reveal its sources, but has been accused by the old AT&T to be a front group for SBC.




• Manhattan Institute for Policy Research


·       The MIPR does not list its funding sources. However,



·       Verizon employed Thomas Hazlett (the Manhattan Institute), to comment on the empirical analysis contained in the BULLETIN.



·       Peter Huber, another ‘expert’ has also been funded by almost all of the phone companies since the 1990’s.


*    Pacific Research Institute

  • Sonia Arrison is director of Technology Studies at the California-based Pacific Research Institute. 

• Progress & Freedom Foundation


·       Progress and Freedom supporters include Verizon, AT&T, CTIA (wireless association with AT&T and Verizon) Qwest.    


·       Common Cause: “To advance the bottom line interests of their corporate sponsors on a variety of telecom and media issues.”


·       Progress & Freedom Foundation has created a series of working groups “The Digital Age Communications Act Project” and its list of experts from Heritage, The Heartland Institute, and Brookings Institution.


·       Adam Thierer is Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Digital Media Freedom, and former director of telecommunications studies for the Cato Institute.


• Progressive Policy Institute


·       According to Sourcewatch, PPI has had AT&T as a funder.



• TeleNomic Research


·       Stephen B. Pociask is the President of TeleNomic Research, LLC, which conducts economic research in IT and. telecommunications issues (www.TeleNomic.Com), and has number research projects with New Millennium Research Council and is an expert for “CEI”.


·       Mr. Pociask bio claims that “he was chief economist for a major telecommunications provider.” Further examination found that: according to an author note in an article he wrote for America’s Network in 1998, he was the former Chief Economist for Bell Atlantic. (“Two Degrees of Structural Separation” Stephen B. Pociask; America’s Network, Duluth; Dec 15, 1998; Vol. 102, Iss. 24; pg. 38, 4 pgs.)”


·       Stephen B. Pociask is also affiliated with American Consumer Institute.   



U.S. Internet Industry Association


·       “The U.S. Internet Industry Association (USIIA), a 13-year-old trade association that represents “companies engaged in Internet commerce, content and connectivity.” Verizon is the biggest name represented on its board of directors.”


·       David P. McClure, President and CEO, U.S. Internet Industry Association, is also an author of the NMRC Muni Wifi report.

·       USIIA has been a client of Issue Dynamics.